The Absolute Best Triceps Workout To Gain Size

The Absolute Best Triceps Workout To Gain Size
Naman Shukla
Oct 26, 2017
Updated On Nov 23, 2018 19:22

We often come across people sweating it all out in gyms to have that herculean bicep. Though we recognize their efforts, and admit that it will help them, we have to say that they are quite wrong in their training methods. Well for some it is all about size isn’t it? But is it the bicep that needs your focus or are you missing out on something. Let us start with some inside information about biceps. Ironically, the biceps constitute much less of your arm size than the larger triceps. That is why building triceps is one of the “little know secrets” to building big arms.

Let’s start with a quick overview of the triceps muscles and how to train them efficiently.

What is a Tricep muscle and why is it important to train them?

Triceps or technically called triceps branchii, is a three-headed muscle back of your arm. You can feel them by flexing your arm. The main and most important function of a tricep muscle is extension of the elbow joint.

Tricep constitutes about 2/3 of the arm muscles so if you are missing out on tricep workout then mathematically you are missing out training 2/3 of the Arm muscle. Quite weighty isn’t it?

Out of scores and scores of Tricep workouts out there, you really need to do only a handful which are quite necessary. Here we will show you top 5 triceps workout to gain the perfect size given your absolute focus and dedication.


Dips are considered as one of the most basic and highly efficient exercises to train the tricep muscles. It helps in burning the extra fat on back of your arms and target the tricep muscle specifically. What makes tricep Dips great is that you use your own weight to train the muscles which gives yourself a great challenge. You don’t need to use any extra equipment and most importantly you don’t need to be in a Gym. All you need is a bench and some space to flex your legs. You can challenge yourself after getting the hang of the basics by experimenting with width. The wider thewidth, the more your body utilises it.

Bench Press (Close Grip)


Bench Press (Close Grip) 

Bench press is the most popular exercise in the gyms. Bench press with close grip (Gap between grips of hands) helps create tension in tricep muscles and develops massive amount of muscles in the upper portion of the body along with chest, shoulders and arms. Though the focus is on the upper body, using your legs correctly is essential as it will provide great stability and strength which helps you to increase the weights eventually.

Bench Press (Close Grip)

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Press

​This exercise is particularly good for targeting the long head of the triceps and allow you to safely press heavy weights. Slow and steady overhead tricep press helps in getting the perfect shape and mass. Keeping the head at neutral position and using a slow eccentric (lowering portion) motion of the exercise can help to improve tension and mind muscle connection. The weights can be gradually increased as tricep muscles take lesser time to recover than other muscles.

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Press

Lying tricep extension (Skull crusher)

Considered as a muscle building staple for decades due to its simplicity and effectiveness, lying tricep extension is one exercise that tops the list for every tricep enthusiast. The focus of this exercise is the medial head of the tricep muscle. This exercise also helps in core training and strengthening elbow joints. All you need is a curled bar and a bench. Maybe a friend to stand on your feet so you don’t roll over.


Lying tricep extension (Skull crusher)

Triceps Push Down

Simple and quite good exercise to strengthen your triceps in back of the arms. To perform tricep push down exercise one needs a cable machine. This exercise is done by pushing a bar or cable downward against resistance. Push down does the primary function of the tricep which is extending the elbow joint. It gives maximum stimulation and thereby induces growth.

Before jumping to the conclusion and hitting the gym with these workouts let’s keep few things in mind. First of all, do not rush into doing a particular workout. Braving the basics is the most important and difficult phase of creating a routine workout as it sets the rhythm for the rest of your session. Secondly, the main objective should be “doing it right” and not “doing till night”. Train right and the muscles will respond. Lastly, setting the targets along with a serious focus on efforts can greatly help you to achieve your fitness goal.

For best results include these exercises in your workout routine twice/thrice a week. The mentioned workouts provide an excellent resistance curve, and cover the three primary shoulder angles. Also, it is equally important to remain calm and follow the routine.



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