Sneak Peek – Madhuri Dixit Workout And Diet

Sneak Peek – Madhuri Dixit Workout And Diet

Pompi Borah
May 15, 2018
Updated On May 16, 2019 18:33

An epitome of grace, flexibility, and beauty, Dhak-Dhak girl Madhuri Dixit still looks ravishing. As she turns 50 today, her looks defy her age. A role model for many and aging so gracefully, she has retained her youthful looks with the best of health. She nurtures her body with immense care while exposing it to some physical exercise as well.

madhuri dixit fitness secrets

Madhuri Dixit Diet And Workout Routine

Madhuri likes to keep everything simple even with her diet. She eats 5-6 small meals in a day at regular intervals and incorporates a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in her daily diet. She prefers food enriched with natural health benefits. Tofu, veggies, and mushrooms are high in protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. The soy in tofu balances heart health and blood pressure. Madhuri enjoys her Kadak chai every once in a while and loves having herbal teas. She also makes sure to have coconut water which helps aid in weight loss and boosts metabolism. Coconut water replenishes lost electrolyte. She consumes a low-carb and high protein diet and avoids having caffeine as they dehydrate even further. Madhuri also stays away from oily and fatty foods. She also stays away from alcohol and smoking and makes it a point to have enough water so that she remains hydrated. She also makes sure to incorporate eggs, walnuts, yogurt, and spinach to her diet.

madhuri dixit diet plan

madhuri dixit diet and cooking

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Madhuri Dixit Yoga and Exercise at Home

Being in an industry where one needs to look visually presentable always, Madhuri is not a supporter of being healthy and fit at the gym. She practices kathak thrice a week and believes that dancing is her passion which gives her a spiritual high and rejuvenates her after a hectic day at work and home. For Madhuri, dancing is just not a way of life but it's also a form of exercise. She works out on other two days and her workout mainly consists of cardio, yoga, and weight training.

madhuri dixit yoga and workout at home

madhuri dixit dance

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Madhuri believes in staying healthy which also radiates in her skin. She advises to stay motivated and workout regularly to maintain a healthy body. Here’s wishing our Dhak-Dhak girl a Happy and healthy birthday!

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