Preity Zinta – Fabulous At 43

Preity Zinta – Fabulous At 43

Drishika Chhabra 31 January, 2018 Updated on : 04 Dec 2018


Crowned as the ageless beauty of Bollywood, Preity Zinta looks stunning even as she turns 43 today! Known for her charming dimples, Preity is famous among her colleagues for her caring nature and versatile acting skills. Apart from her charismatic looks, Preity is also a social activist, recipient of the Godfrey Philips National Bravery Award, and is known for publicly speaking her mind and openly expressing her opinions.


As she turns 43 today, here’s a look at how she keeps herself stunning at her age.


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A regular face at the gym, Preity also loves to walk. On days when she’s unable to make her daily stop at the gym due to her busy schedule, she prefers to go on long brisk walks. Even at the gym, she likes to spend as much time on the treadmill as she can. Along with hitting the gym, she practices yoga daily to help her body stay in shape and improve her concentration. Yoga not only helps in toning her body but also helps make her body more flexible. A natural dancer, Preity also takes regular dance lessons which help maintain her hourglass figure. An adventurous person, she loves hiking and sports. Apart from walking and practising yoga, Preity loves to run. She also lifts weights and does Pilates twice a week to keep herself fit. Throughout her day she drinks a lot of water as it boosts her power and gives her more energy while also helping her to burn more calories.


While spending hours exercising, Preity believes in taking rest adequately so that her body has enough energy to keep her going throughout the day. She is a firm believer that lack of sleep leads to overeating which results in weight gain. Therefore, she makes sure to get her 7-8 hours of sleep every day.


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Preity is a follower of a healthy, and balanced diet. She drinks a lot of fresh fruit juices throughout her day and loves eating carrots which are full of vitamin A and C. She also swears by Gajar ka halwa. Her day usually consists of having 6-7 small meals a day and she never skips breakfast no matter how busy her schedule is. This helps her stay fit and eat healthily. There is no strict diet plan that she follows, however, her meals are rich in vitamin, calcium, and proteins. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, and soaps are included in her meals. She avoids eating processed food and sugar as much as she can. Oily food is also a strict no-no for her. Along with this, she prefers an early dinner to maintain her svelte figure.

An ardent believer in the power of motivation, both external and from within she regularly asks herself questions about her career and personal life and looks forward to performing better in her personal and reel life. She encourages herself always and pushes herself to work harder each day.


Preity leads a disciplined life and believes in the mantra of staying happy and always smiling. She appreciates things and people around her and considers this to be the best path to keep herself healthy and positive. One of Bollywood’s most loved celebrity, Preity Zinta has had a beautiful career and has played some iconic roles. Here’s wishing her a healthy Happy Birthday!