I Tried Akshay Kumar's Fitness Regime For A Week And It Was So Easy To Follow!

I Tried Akshay Kumar's Fitness Regime For A Week And It Was So Easy To Follow!

Rukmani Anand
Feb 8, 2018
Updated On Dec 10, 2018 12:16

Like many. I have always loved the way celebrities transform them from time to time, from movie to movie, and still manage to stay in good shape.


 Always intrigued by their lifestyle, diet and nutrition, I have followed many celebrities closely and tried to follow their diet.  Be it gluten-free diet, keto or vegan, I have tried them all.


Co-incidentally, I stumbled upon Khiladi of our Bollywood industry, Akshay Kumar Fitness regime and decided to follow it.


And you won’t believe how simple lifestyle he follows.


Akshay Kumar Fitness Regime


He follows a very basic diet plan and a HIIT workout, which comprises of Martial art form and meditation.


He has some basic principles in his life, which he never broke such as


-He has never tasted tea or coffee in his entire life.


-He rarely drinks alcohol and never indulged in smoking.


-He gets up when the sun rises and sleeps when the sun sets.


-He hardly parties and usually finishes his dinner by 7 pm.


-He abstains from sweets or sugar at night.


-He always prefers walking over the car, if possible and stairs to elevators/lift.


 What he looks like today took him years of dedication and most importantly, discipline.


Here is a typical diet of Akshay Kumar in a day –


Akshay Kumar Diet Plan


He starts his breakfast with Parathas and milk which basically kick-starts his day as it is a rich source of carbs, hence energy while milk acts as a good source of protein and fats.


I felt an instant boost of energy and felt really active after following his meal plan.


Next, he makes sure he eats something after every 2 to 2.5 hours.


I did not feel hungry after having a wholesome breakfast but still managed to eat an apple after 2 hours.


Akshay Kumar Diet


Usually, I get hunger pants before it is even lunchtime but I was really satiated and ate less comparatively from the very first day I started following his diet.


My day went really well with a continuous supply of energy and I religiously followed his diet till the very end by finishing my dinner at 7.30 and was asleep by 10.


I must say I had a really sound sleep and woke up fresh and energetic.


It was interesting to find that in his diet, he relies on the carbs in the form of whole wheat and fruits as a source of energy seeing his day requires a lot of physical activity and he never compromises on vegetables.


It was extremely easy to follow his diet plan for a week due to the simplicity of food choices and availability.


Over and above, I did not feel any urge to eat processed food or sugar as I was feeding myself at continuous intervals with healthy and fulfilling food choices.


Akshay Kumar Diet Plan


I found myself energetic and active at the end of week and light on feet.


From now on, I will follow his lifestyle as much as I can as it has given a positive impact on my mind, body, and sleep and hopefully, I will shed some pounds too real soon.


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