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5 Tips To Get Back On Track If You Broke Your New Year’s Resolution Already

5 Tips To Get Back On Track If You Broke Your New Year’s Resolution Already

Pompi Borah 19 February, 2018 Updated on : 26 Feb 2019


On 1st January 2018, you resolved to eat clean, work out, and get back into shape. The first 3 weeks went well. You were super motivated. By the time January ended, you had already skipped a few workouts. With February ending now, keeping that resolution looks dismal. We know you made those New Year’s resolution with the best of intentions, but many of us reading this gave up even before we concluded with January.

A year is a long time and it can easily divert us from our destination. Therefore, we suggest that you first make a clear plan, keep your goals realistic, and give it your best shot.

We’ve rounded up the best 5 tips for you to chase your fitness dream all over again.

  1. Make small habits


Most of us want to create a big change quickly.What we don’t realize is that changing or making new habits requires immense willpower. If we tire out our willpower too quickly, we’re likely to quit very early.The best solution to this is to start small. In the beginning, focus on establishing the actual habit behavior first. Look forward to increasing the effort once it has become a natural part of what you do every day.


  1. Don’t overcommit


Once you set a goal for yourself, make sure your goal is achievable. Don’t choose an out-of-the-box incredibly ambitious goal. Pick something that requires an effort than you’re already putting in. Such goals are sustainable. You should also get in the habit of writing your goals, so you don’t forget, and they can serve as a continuous reminder.



  1. Ask for help


Unable to reach your weekly or monthly goal? We strongly recommend that you have a discussion with your well-wisher to get things off your chest or for some general help. This well-wisher could be someone from your family, a close friend or someone you confide in. A conversation with them can help you figure out where you are lacking or give you some much-needed motivation.


  1. Reward yourself


To keep yourself motivated and pumped, reward yourself whenever you hit an important milestone or achieve a goal.There are numerous ways to reward yourself but ensure that you reward yourself for goals which are important to you. It is good to reward yourself, but don't let your rewards lead to guilt.



  1. Check your progress


Don’t wait until the end of the year to evaluate yourself. Set a daily or weekly personal reflection and be honest with yourself. Be critical. Ask yourself questions like: What is the status of your fitness? What are you doing well? Which areas need improvement? What do you need to do to ensure success in the coming week or month for your fitness?


We have all made New Year’s resolutions at some point. Sadly, we haven’t all had success with them. Whether you are on the right path towards reaching your New Year’s resolution or found yourself a bit off track – we hope these tips give you a little push to keep on going.